The 25 largest American office furniture manufacturers and their European counterparts

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  1. Rex says:

    There are also small companies out there that offer good quality furnitures. I take for example Figueroa’s Fine Custom Furniture,

  2. Flavius says:

    Thank you for this interesting article.
    Where I work we do commercial furniture but more the retail stores, for the beverage brands, and not intended for the regular consumer.

  3. Robert Nunez says:

    I have been installing office furniture for 22 years now. About 90% of that list I have installed. I am now taking up a study of the furniture lines out there. Various aspects are in play for it and maybe if you can help me find out with this.
    Cost, not just the furniture itself but logistics involved shipping receiving and install.
    Whos the best company well rounded in all areas. I currently work for one of the largest companies in Arizona The Manning Group. I have been back 7+ years now I went to other companies but were the best in Arizona I wish I owed it that good lol. Nevertheless I’m experienced in this great trade of furniture and throughout the years I’ve always wondered the reason why all these furniture companies can’t figure it out. There’s so many flaws that can be corrected. My goal is to find out how a company can be more efficient not just as a company but for the customers also.
    Thanks Robert Nunez ????????????

  4. Gregory says:

    I need office chair that is box frame, coil and swivel

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